A Proud History Master Chemical Corporation, now Master Fluid Solutions was founded by Clyde A. Sluhan in 1951, not simply as a business for the sake of making profit, but as a company dedicated to the improvement of manufacturing productivity to benefit mankind with a higher standard of living at an ever lower cost. Clyde believed that he was put on the earth not to "pursue happiness", but to help others, and in the words of philosopher Leo Rosten, "to have it make some difference that (he) lived at all."

Metalworking Fluids TRIM®

For more than 60 years TRIM® metalworking fluids has lead the industry for all types of cutting and grinding operations. Known worldwide for superior performance, TRIM meets the demands of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical parts manufacturers.

Utilize TRIM fluids to reduce labor, downtime, fluid, disposal, and tool costs. Ensure code compliance, excellent operator acceptance, provide safer workplaces, and deliver bottom-line savings.


Clyde A. Sluhan

"Problem solving is our value in your operation. Research to reality, applied chemistry in metal removal. At Master Chemical, this is the working idea for progress."